House of Traders


HOUSE OF TRADING is a UAE, based General Trading Company. With partners, contributors, associates who are Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Traders and Indenters. Company started operations in UAE which is a fast growing market and a trading hub. HOUSE OF TRADING one of the significant players in their sphere of activities specializing in providing various services and supplies engaged in Imports, Exports and Indenting. Importing products from highly dependable sources having business relations since many years and having healthy & wide-spread client base. Their products are sold to the domestic merchants as well as international customers as per their requirements.

With a primary focus on the Middle East, Far East, Asia and Africa, HOUSE OF TRADING is uniquely positioned to lead in various new developments and marketing in the international markets and to provide unmatched level of supports and services for its customers.

HOUSE OF TRADING offers unparalleled opportunities through its global network and its ability to organize it with professionalism and dedication. Cross-selling products world-wide, understanding clients needs and local values, and special projects are all typical of HOUSE OF TRADING's undertakings. Creating Pole Position in the national and international markets for raw materials, commodities and manufactured goods makes HOUSE OF TRADING the company of today and tomorrow.

Providing right price at the right time with best service without compromising on the quality of goods, providing products vital to sustainable economic progress and human development throughout the world, thereby be the partner of choice and grow business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

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